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Surrounded by the Atlas Mountains, Marrakech, former imperial and now cultural city is an ideal destination for a long weekend. The spring and autumn seasons are ideal for discovering the city with its abundant nature. You will be seduced by the many charms offered by the ocher city; let yourself wander through the alleys of the medina, the historic district of the city, all more colorful and intoxicating, where floats a sweet scent of spices, and admire the work of craftsmen in the lively souks.

Itinerary :

The many historical and cultural sites are as many witnesses to the wealth of tangible and intangible heritage that Morocco contains. The Jemaâ El Fna Square, classified by UNESCO in 2001, is the emblematic place.

In the heart of the medina, Jemaâ el Fna Square is THE place to be in the city.

Spaces for meeting, sharing ancestral cultures, Marrakchis, Moroccans and travelers from all over the world flock to immerse themselves in this unique atmosphere. Day and night, the Place is lively: snake charmers, gnawa dancers recognizable by their headdress adorned with shells, traditional dancers, storytellers and other troublemakers. And what about the restaurants in the evening, which offer a range of typical Moroccan dishes, even if you are surprised by a few!

A stone’s throw away is the Koutoubia Mosque, with its imposing Almohad minaret. At a height of 70 meters, magnificently decorated in a Moorish style, it dominates the city like a lighthouse. Open to all, its adjoining gardens will offer you a refreshing and relaxing stop.

You are here to attack to discover the souks. Through its infinite labyrinth of shaded streets, you will perceive the multitude of small shops and craft workshops, intoxicated by the scent of spices. Hard to resist in front of copper lamps, wicker baskets, leather slippers, embroidered clothes, silver jewelry, musical instruments, hammered trays, the list is long and not exhaustive. A glass of tea shared with traders will be an opportunity to glimpse Moroccan hospitality.

It is now time to admire the interior of the houses that enclose the narrow streets of the medina. One of the most splendid is probably the Bahia Palace, located in the Mellah, south of the historic city. Centerpiece of Moroccan architecture, it extends over 8000 m2, and is the receptacle of craftsmanship. Around the central garden, planted with orange trees, you will be able to admire the ceiling of rooms with painted and gilded wooden ceilings, a marquetry as fine as lace, just like the stucco, and the zelliges bordering the fountains.

You have taken a taste of the tranquility of the gardens that have made the city rich since its very creation? Do not miss the Majorelle Garden. Although much more recent, it is nonetheless a place apart, where the many floral varieties flourish, magnificently enhanced by colorful built elements. The main building, a dynamic blue specially created for her, bears the name of the French painter who made his workshop in the 20s: Jacques Majorelle. Redeemed in 1980 by Yves Saint-Laurent, it emanates from the garden a feeling of serenity, reinforced by the pools scattered in space. A museum of Berber culture, a remarkable scenography will complete your discovery of Moroccan culture, rich in the peoples who composed it.

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