Instagram: 3 levers to succeed strategy in the journey

Instagram: 3 levers to succeed strategy in the journey

Instagram: 3 levers to succeed strategy in the journey

Instagram: 3 levers to succeed strategy in the journey.

House of Instagram is the name of the very first global event held on November 8 in Paris to raise awareness among businesses, now available elsewhere in the world. On this occasion, we interviewed Cédric Le Perff, Instagram Industry Manager Travel in France. A country where more than 17 million French people use the social network every month. How can a brand create and grow its community? Cédric Le Perff, who worked for 12 years at Procter & Gamble, identifies three major levers.

Master all formats
Open your account is not only simple but also free. And after ? Travel pros (or their community managers) must understand and use photos, videos and especially Stories. Essential format on Insta, but also Facebook and WhatsApp, Stories distill ephemeral content (24h) in vertical format, with their own stickers and other codes. During the recent House of Instagram, workshops were devoted to them. To read in our magazine of November 2018 the article « Instagram: how to create good stories ». Of course, we must also follow the very rapid evolution of formats.

Test the organic, or even the paying
Like Google, Instagram can be used in paid (referencing), in addition to the organic. The payer refers to a brand awareness campaign, such as that undertaken by the airline Joon (Air France) for its launch, or to a conversion campaign – buyers. « With its awareness campaign, Airbnb has reinforced the brand’s attributes as an easy-to-use travel booking platform, » says Cédric Le Perff, who recommends, for example, to employ company employees rather than illustrious strangers, to carry strong messages. History of conveying a form of authenticity.

Measure the results
Instagram remains underutilized by TOs and travel agencies in France. Companies that are determined to exploit it must therefore monitor their performance on this young marketing lever. What are the good indicators? « We must not focus on the number of subscribers ». To be followed also: the evolution of the community, its commitment, the presence of the brand on instagrammable moments, the evolution of the notoriety following a campaign … Free tools of analysis of audience are available to the holders of a pro account. To follow also: hashtags #travel and #hiddentreasure.

« The link between Instagram and the travel industry is natural, » recalls Cédric Le Perff. Originally, Instagram was a photo application with filters. It has become a social network to find inspiration, share and relive his vacation. According to a study by Oui. sncf, 59% of users say they use the platform to find inspiration. #travel is one of the top 10 most used hashtags. And France represents a publication on two of #travel. »By the way …

septembre 19, 2018